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Who we are ? 


Swimouest sells both products and services. The product lines we sell are unique in that they are not widely sold in France. This makes our challenge exciting and rewarding, but it is also our unique selling point. 

We've partnered with some of the country's most promising young athletes to showcase our product line at the highest level in their class. 


Former swimmers, parents of swimmers, we know how much this passion holds us to the swimming pool from early in the morning until late at night ... And why? Quite simply because we love it… The slightest little hassle takes on a dimension when a Sunday morning during a competition, the strap of your goggles for example breaks… We make it a point to participate in as many competitions as possible with our stands in order to be by your side but above all to offer you quality, innovative and durable material so that you can have these moments without drama



Our philosophy is clear


Add colour, style with a touch of originality. We welcome swimmers of all levels and budgets, water polo players (individual and team), triathletes, open water swimmers, swimmers / runners and summer beach wear.


Young, old, club swimmers and leisure swimmers we have the swimwear for you!



Our guarantees


Innovations, originality, quality products, but above all listening to your needs, from information gathering to after-sales service in order to meet your expectations as much as possible.


We sell the world's most developed training tools in partnership with FINIS Inc of California, Arena, Speedo, Funkita and Engine


For elite level swimmers, we stock the very latest technical racing suits that offer the best compression, durability and hydrophobicity properties.


We give the best of ourselves for you to give the best of yourselves.



Our passion


… SWIM whether in open water or in the pool…

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